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What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor or Out-of-Home Advertising refers to any advertising that appears outside the home and includes:  billboards, transit (bus) shelters, bus ads, rail ads, mall ads etc.  

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Who uses Outdoor Advertising?
Over 70% of outdoor ads promote local businesses – and that number is even higher in non-urban areas.  National categories like entertainment, media, fashion, travel and packaged goods are heavy users too. 
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Why is Outdoor effective?
  • Reach. Outdoor ads have the ability to reach large pockets of consumers, whether in the total market or in a desired “Trading Zone” that circles your business.
  • Frequency. Outdoor ads are bought in month long increments (4 week cycles) so there are many multiple opportunities for consumers to connect with and act on your message.
  • Presence. Outdoor ads are present 24/7 – that means your message can be in front of a prospect on THE day that is relevant to him/her.  There is no “hit or miss” in outdoor, just a constant reminder of your business or service.
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What is a “directional” ad?
A directional ad is one that advises consumers of their proximity to your place of business. These ads can include phrases like “right off exit 16”, or “make a left on Elm Street”. Directional messages are used heavily by motel, restaurant, and retail advertisers and are especially useful for businesses that may be a bit “off the beaten path”.
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How do Outdoor ads compare to other local options like radio or newspaper?
  • “Media Choice Irrelevant” By that we mean that Outdoor impacts consumers as they move about their daily lives.  Their media choices (what they read, watch, listen to, or subscribe to) are irrelevant – Outdoor captures their attention regardless!
  • “Less Clutter” Outdoor ads are stand alone and allow your message to break through the clutter of a newspaper page or radio segment.
  • “Lower Entry Cost” Outdoor delivers more eyeballs for less money than any other media form
  • “24/7 Presence” Outdoor is there all the time.  Other media “flight” in and out
  • “Creative” Most media provide turn key creative. Through “wannabillboard” we can provide ad agency quality, full color options at no additional cost.
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Do outdoor ads work?
We urge you to look at our Case Study section that includes testimonials from advertisers in virtually every category who have found success by using outdoor ads. 
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How do I select an outdoor program that would work for my business?
We have 100’s of account specialists, marketing, research and creative staff that can walk you through the entire process. We listen to your needs and your objectives and can tailor a program unique and specific to your goals.
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How much does it cost?

We work with budgets of all sizes and the ad prices vary greatly depending on location, number of units and length of program. Many of our large local and regional advertisers started as a single billboard client and have grown from there. We provide the same service and tools to a local advertiser as we do to a large national account. We build our business one sign at a time.

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